Andrea Ryan

As a loving wife and mother of 3 young children Andrea knows first hand the triumphs and tribulations of pregnancy, birth and parenting. These life experiences are what led Oh Baby Fitness into her hands. Pursuing her passion in empowering women, families and children has always been her focus and now her reality.

As a true birth junkie Andrea has successfully completed her Labour Doula and Postpartum Doula Training through Doula Training Canada and has been actively supporting families in her area since 2012. Andrea has also successfully completed her training and certification as Placenta Specialist and offers placenta encapsulation as part of her business.

Her passion for Oh Baby Fitness is evident in all the wonderful changes she is implementing to help ensure families are receiving the support that is essential to their well being. Her vision of a wellness center that is dedicated to pregnancy, birth the first years and beyond through education, support, networking and knowledge is exactly what Waterloo Region needs and what sets Oh Baby Fitness above the rest.