Karma Kids (Ages 5-10)

This program is designed to introduce children to the fundamentals of yoga practice and meditation. By combining a physical practice (poses) with breathing/meditation techniques. Children learn to tap into their inner self confidence, which will help reduce anxiety and quiet the mind. We will explore traditional yoga poses and build a strong foundation for future yoga practice but in a way that will appeal to their young spirits. We will also help guide students on how to begin to meditate with the goal of increasing self-control and dealing with difficult emotions. Each class will consist of 45 minutes of yoga practice and mediation followed by group discussions and activities in the areas of positive self image, range of emotions, self confidence and self expressions. Each student will walk away with a hand made Mala Meditation bracelet.

Parents are welcomed to join this class with their child as a participant or spectator.

Event Details

Andrea Ratford Ryan
Yoga, Meditation, Strengthening
$50 / 6 weeks